We're grateful for all of you who are committed to praying for the inmates we serve. Here's the latest list of requests:

Eli- Thanks for the blessings of all good times and memories. And thanks to God for all affliction because it brings us closer to Him and gives us strength. Thank you for blessing us.

Rick- Wish me luck at court on Thursday and at trial.

Rodriquez- To get a lower bail on 10-10.

Christian- I have trial this Wednesday. I would like a prayer so that I can get released.

Kevin- Deeper commitment and surrender to God. My 4 boys, Kain, Isaiah, Jordan and Elijah

Michael- Court today

Domonye- I actually have court Thursday October 3rd. I am stuck in this state am asking to help and pray for me to get back to NY. My case isn’t severe and am asking for a prayer to get my case resolved as soon as possible. Thank you.

Phillip- I would like to pray for all the men and women in this jail that God may take their hands and bring them into glory and me and my [code] too and for my friend in cell #9 that the love of God would come to us all and take care of my kid. Amen